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New Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Sewing Embroidery Machine

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Janome 15000 uses wireless internet connection to communicate with your IPad


The Janome 15000 is the first Memory Craft that can use your home WiFi to communicate with your iPad® via two included apps, or directly to your laptop or desktop. Now you dont have to leave your machine when you need to leave the room. The AcuMonitor™ app allows you to watch the progress of the embroidery stitchout remotely. The AcuEdit™ app allows you to use your iPad® to design embroidery layouts while relaxing on the couch. Horizon Memory Craft 15000 owners can access all 480 built-in designs once the iPad® has been connected to the machine.
Janome 15000 has the largest touch screen of any home sewing embrodery machine


The screen on the Janome 15000 is not just the largest touch screen on a Memory Craft. It's the largest touch screen on any home sewing and embroidery machine. It is able to display tens of thousands of colors, it's brilliant, crisp and beautiful to look at. The new bigger touch screen makes navigation more easy than ever. The Janome 15000's screen gives you lots more room for working on your embroidery layouts. It's like having your favorite tablet built right into your sewing machine.
Janome 15000 comes loaded with hundreds of built-in designs


You're going to love embroidery on the Janome 15000. It comes with hundreds of built-in designs - many of them created by leading designers just for the Horizon 15000. Whether you do embroidery for quilting, home décor, or garments, the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 will help you complete projects like never before. Not just bigger or more complex, but truly a step up to the next level of creativity.
Janome The new MC15000 has the largest workspace on any Memory Craft


Who couldn't use a little more sewing, embroidery or quilting room? The new MC15000 has the largest workspace on any Memory Craft. No matter how big your creative ideas are, you're going to have plenty of room to stitch them out.


The Memory Craft 15000 has a much faster internal processor. Not just 10% or 20% faster than its predecessor. But 100% faster than Janome's fastest Memory Craft to date. That really saves time importing and opening those big design files.
Janome 15000 has frustration-free sewing, quilting and embroidery


Janome is known throughout the industry Janome is known throughout the industry for ease-of-use. You like frustration-free sewing, quilting and embroidery, so Janome makes sure that navigation makes sense, that changing from sewing to embroidery is fast and simple, and added time-saving features, like a new automatic needle threader.
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