The Story of Janome and New Home


New Home begins

In 1860 William Barker and Andrew J. Clark started the "New England Single Thread Hand Sewing Machine" in Orange, Massachusetts. Over the next 20 years the New England sewing machine and "home shuttle" became popular. in 1882, the company was renamed New Home (it combined New England and Home Shuttle). The company operated as new home for 78 years. In 1960, Ninty-three years after William Barker and Andrew J. Clark began working together, New home was purchased by Janome Sewing machine company of Tokyo, Japan.

Janome's Origins

The word "Janome" (pronounced Ja-NO-me) is a Japanese word meaning "eye of the snake".

1921, Mr. Ose started the Pine Sewing machine company. It was the 1st domestic sewing machine manufacture in japan. At that time most sewing machines used a long shuttle type bobbin. Mr. Ose had the idea to make machines that would use a round bobbin. It improved speed and efficiency. This innovative design is still used all over the world today! The round bobbin was unique and reminded customers of a snake's eye. The machines soon earned the nickname "eye of the snake" or "Janome". The name became so well used, that in 1935, the name Janome was established as an official trademark. in 1949, the company name was changed to the Janome Sewing Machine company. For the next 25 years Janome became a household name in japan.

Seeking to expand in to the united states, Janome purchased New Home in 1960. Since then the company has grown to have divisions in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and new Zealand. It also has smaller operations in Africa, central and south America, and the pacific rim of asia.

Janome is known for its innovations, creating many "sewing firsts":

-1964 1st research center for sewing machines.
-1979 1st programmable computerized machine (Memory 7).
-1990 1st professional style home embroidery machine (MemoryCraft 8000).
-2003 1st Long-arm quilting machine for home use (MemoryCraft 6500P).